Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Confessions Part 3,4,&5

These Are My Confessions...No I don't have a chick on the side and no I don't have one on the way either...I just want to talk about "truth"...Do you know somebody that lie so much that they start believing in their own lies. Well I work in a fitness center...on a fitness floor...Well, there is a guy that I worked with that have that problem...You see I used the phrase "I worked with". Old Roddy Rod got the boot yesterday. He had the nerve to say that he felt like he didn't do anything to get fired...He didn't do anything to get fired! Let me tell you what the MF did in a total of one month;

#1. He has showed up to work on time a total of 10 out of 26 times in the past month. I can handle being 5 minutes...Maybe even 10...But Monday he was an hour and 45 minutes late. He wasn't even there to work. He came to workout...The front desk attendant told him that he was on the schedule to work (I have left by now because I don't deal with foolishness too well). He said, "I didn't know I was on schedule to work". What!!!! You have the same monthly schedule I have. We picked ours up on the same day. You know that you close every Monday...What make you think that this Monday is any different

#2. He doesn't do shit...Okay, my job consist of talking to members, giving fitness Assessments, putting members on programs, orientations, and I even teach kids fitness class...Cause Cornelius loves the kids...Anywho...All he do is sit at the desk, read the paper, and talk on the phone...Does that sound like anything I just described to ya'll as my job...Don't get me wrong...I BS at work sometimes...That's usually when I get my "blog on"...But it is all about what? You know my favorite word...MODERATION. He stayed on the phone one time during his shift for a hour and a half straight, with no chaser. He must of got up a total of an hour. This is a 6 hour shift...He said he didn't...Dude, we got you on tape...Just being messy

#3 One weekend he asked me to cover for him because he wanted to go home and see his folks...Well being the person that I am, I did. Anyway, he didn't even go home. He set his ugly-ass at the house. He didn't call or tell anybody. He didn't know that I wasn't covering his Saturday shift. The Fitness Floor Director did cause he's my boy...He knew I didn't want to be there. Well, What is rule #1 about playing hooky from work...Never go to the spot. Well it was a pay week. The clown came up to the spot to pick up his check (All yeah #2 is Make sure you have direct deposit)...He didn't know that the checks were in the office, were the Big Boss Man was chilling...But you can fill in the rest of the story by now...Lies, Lies, Lies

Well the only thing I have to say is keep it real...I would rather hear that you don't feel like it, then some bogus ass lie...You ain't got to lie to kick it...He done got my blood pressure all up...I'll keep you posted

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