Monday, July 12, 2004

Side By Side

I got a chance to talk to my brother yesterday...I never really took the time to explain the relationship we have...He is my twin/older/younger brother. The reason why I say that is because I am baby "B" of the double dose that whas put on this earth on a beautiful morning in August at Baptist Hospital...brought to you by the Fannie and Charles Baby Producing Center. I came out 11 minutes after my brother...Honestly I didn't want to come out to this great world of sin...But since Fannie and Charles Baby Producing Center took so much time into creating me and prepare for my arrival, I said what the hell. My mom said I was probably sleep (I tend to do that a lot). Any way, I came out after him and I was also smaller than him. With that being, I was given the role of the little brother (even though we were the same age). And everybody went on with this. My family treated me as the baby of the clan. But just cause you are given a role, does not mean that you take it. I grew up a lot faster than he did. Not physically, but mentally. Don't get me wrong...I kicked it...I had fun as a teenager. I still get my "to the windows, to the walls" on...I have a real bad case of the Kanye West disease. I'm a grown-ass-kid, but not all the time. It's all about moderation. It has taken Brother C. Gerard Harris 4 years of higher ed. and D-1 football to figure out the formula. I am very proud of him...The number one thing I am proud about is that he is graduating with a bachelor in Criminal Justice...Now before you start clapping for the young brother, let me finish...Okay, and his childhood dream of playing on Sunday is becoming very visible. He is known as one of the best secondary players entering the draft next year. So when he signs that nice NFL contract, I just want him to remember one thing..."I need my piece"...What! Reparation for all the scars I took from the hands of the famous F and C BEAT DOWN Task Force, because of something you did. The sibling oath can be a mother...I'll keep you posted

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MiniMee said...

LMAO... man, I'm not even gonna get on that sibling oath. Even though I'm the oldest, I sucked up a few whoopins for the latter two. I love them fools to death though, they've become my best friends. God was good to you giving you a brother.

That being said, get 'cha reparations man!