Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sounds of the ATL

Say Shawty...Whats really good...I just came from my trip to the ATL...And we scraight kicked it...I can't talk like this for too long. It's starting to irritate me. Well, we (I'm talking about me and the ONE) took our ghetto passport and adventured in the land of the ATLiens. Let me break the trip down in category for you;

Fat Matts; I felt like I was in Memphis...It's a hole in the wall joint, that some of the best BBQ I ever tasted in my life. What reminded me of Memphis so much was the pictures on the wall (JFK, Al Green, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, and they even had a picture of Beale St.)

Cheesecake Factory; Food was okay...The Cheesecake...What more do I have to say.

The Living Room; V.I.P. Treatment. It felt good to be able to walk pass a line about a block long and just walk on in. It was the bomb. Only had one problem and that was...I forgot I promised the one I wasn't going to bring it up again...All I have to say is WTF. And if you ever go there...Tell the bartender you are from out of town. And leave them a tip like it's their Birthday or something. The only thing I didn't get to see was Felix making an example out of somebody.

Dave and Buster's; A Grown-Ass Chuckie Cheese. The food was okay. I was over charge on a Bud Light. I just don't want to bring that back up.

Lil 5 Points; It was like a dream...I love every store. My wish list got bigger and bigger as we walked from one end to the other.

Lenox; The classic mall for the well off. I just wanted to go to Urban Outfitters.

Qoutes & Phrases
"We Don't Sale Liquor After 12"
"What Type Of Cheesecake Do You Want" (Seductive Voice...Ha, Ha, Ha)
"Man I just Gave You A Quarter"
"Dude, I Believe In Jesus"
"I Want Some Fruit Punch"
"You Can't Pimp Me, I'm A Pimp Myself!"
"I Like Your Shirt (ah giggle, giggle)"
"Like...Where From Philly"
"Alright...You Stay Out Of Trouble" (I Mean WTF...Sorry...I couldn't help myself)
"Give Her A Big Tip, It's Her Birthday"
And Last But Not Least...
"What You Doing In Douglasville?"

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MiniMee said...

Okay, I wonder why I hadn't found you sooner... I'm dead over here at your quotes. Lawd have mercy, I'm almost inspired to use my vacation time and hit up the ATL.