Wednesday, November 24, 2004

10 Randoms of Nothingness

#10 Usher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again...

Lovers & Friends is the sh!t...They can make slutting sound so smooth...If they renamed it though it would probably "My Name Is ____________...Would You Be My Cut Buddy?"

#9 Twin Handled His Business

HE BALLED Saturday...He had 10 tackles and 1 INT...So he ended up taking the season record...But he was 1 short of the career record....And he now leads the nation in INTs...Thats my dawg...

#8 2500 words

Why in the HELL do I have to write a freakin film critique on the City of God and it has to be 2500 words long...He will be lucky to get 250...Why do professors wait until the end of the semester to give you some foolishness like that?

#7 Pass That Pie...I Guess?

There is a special reason why this is #7...Last year was the 1st Thanksgiving without my grandmother...You could just feel it in the house...Nobody really had the holiday spirit...Somebody asked me did I want a piece of sweet potato pie...And before I was even able to say a thing, the tears just start rolling down my face...I know yall are thinkig, Damn GC its just a piece of pie! Its more than a piece of pie...It was a straight reminder of her...Every Turkey Day my grandma would make the pies...So that damn pie basically whoop my ass...I haven't eaten pie since her death...But Imma try for the 1st time in a long...Wish me luck...

#6 Back-N-DA-Day

Why my did my frat brother find a Nintendo at a Pawn? And he also found a Tecmo Bowl...And it Works! Its about to go down...

Hey do you remember blowing the cartridges all day long just to play the game for 30 minutes cause yo momma told you to turn it off when it got hot....

#5 Coloreds
Enough said already...

#4 Granny's Got A Gun

Meet Margaret Anderson. The 79-year-old Florida woman apparently had a unique senior moment today as she tried to board a Bahamas-bound plane at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Anderson, you see, somehow forgot that her carry-on bag contained a single-shot Colt derringer, which was hidden inside a carrying case designed to look like a hardcover book. After airport screeners spotted granny's unloaded gat, Anderson (pictured at right) was booked into the county lockup on a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon. While the gun was unloaded, the Colt's case contained seven .22 caliber bullets, according to a Broward County Sheriff's Office report. Below are police evidence photos of the derringer and its carrying case. Released on $1000 bond, the septuagenarian, if convicted, faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $5000 fine.

#3 Moving On Back

I'm moving back to my old apartment complex...The 6111 is trying to charge me $100 more than what I'm willing to pay...This will be 3rd move in 2 years...I can't wait to have a permanent place like a house...

#2 Welcome Back...Welcome Back...Welcome Back!!!

From: "Shonnase Woods"
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 07:03:58 -0600
Subject: He made it !!!!

Bro. Sian Crouther is back stateside. This is the email he sent me earlier.

----Original Message-----

Well, this time I come to you with outstanding news. I arrived at Ft. Lewis, Washington on Nov. 16th and will be returning to Carthage, MS on the 24th of November. My unit will be honored with a parade and other ceremonies on the 24th in Philadelphia, MS. So pass the news that God is still working miracles because I'm here in one piece and still sane(smile). I have not yet determined when I will return to Memphis but it will be soon.

Also let Tau Iota Sigma know I thank each and every one of you. Even though we were thousands of miles apart and many of you I don't even know When I called you were there with open ears and ready to fulfill any request. I am truly grateful and I thank God for my brothers.

Bro. Sian Crouther

My boy is back...For GOOD...He has served his time...Uncle Same leave him alone! Send Antwan!

#1 I Don't Know Why?

"Big Money Sonny" just wanted me to wish yall a Happy Turkey Day!

I'll keep you posted


Phin Samuels said...

I used to have Tecmo Bowl tournaments running through my dorm room.

Toya said...

congrats to ya bro!...and i hope you can get through in nintendo cartridges...or using a q-tip and alcohol...i have a nintendo (from funcoland) and a artari (from e-bay...smh@the old lady and the gun, heck naw...LOL@that dude, i'm mad he got those rollers in his head....happy thanks giving! :-)

Toya said...
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Jamille said...

#9 - "Twin" is doing his thizzle.

#8 - Boss movie man.

#7 - Memories...

#5 - I blame the white guy though.

#4 - Granny is gangster!

#3 - Just graduate bro, everything will be cool after that.

#2 - I wish many more had the chance he has.

#1 - Who's "Big Money Sonny"?

Sivad said...

i still don't know about that lovers and friends song. i love it til they got to the friends (lol) luda especially, why'd he have to say his part so slow? but i do like lil' john's 'shawty' part. i would like to hear the version w/o them.
also, City of God is my favorite movie! i heard they're coming out with a pt. 2, can't wait for that. nice post. oh, and i linked you

TheDamnDiva said...

How bout you keep me posted in real time? Holla at me on AIM sometime - ThaDamnDiva

Jazz said...

Yo 'G,' I still have my nintendo dr.mario game. i love that old school stuff.

Suezette b.k.a. Mz.Black Geisha said...

So why is Friends & Lovers one of the sexiest knock boots songs eva!!!!

Toya said...

i wanna know who "Big Money Sony" is too!

Dayrell said...

Tecmo Bowl C!!...Oooh, your on my A-list now!

I use the like NBA Jam to. Remember that? "Yooou're on FIRE!" Mann, that was the ish back then. Awww the memories.


PS: And sorry about your grandmother as well. I'm pretty sure she was there in so mine was to.