Monday, June 27, 2005

Haven't Done This In A While...

I had to hide out for a minute to get my mind right after Game 7...And can I ask you all a qustion? Is Tim Duncan the lamest looking dude in the world? And that hairline...WTF? You making too much money to go out like that! But that yall's MVP...Anyway today I decided to do something I haven't done in a while...And thats post random pics about to much of nothing and get you all opinions on them...And here we go...






Hey I have to say something about this picture...Hoss this has to be the best tattoo I have ever seen you do...

Well I'm through...I'll keep you posted


Luke Cage said...

Lauryn Hill: I miss the old sister that wowed us back in the 90's when she was a member of the Fugees and when she did her solo effort. She was on top of her game. I hope she comes back, but she's been disappointing fans in droves lately. And did you see her lackluster performance on Def Poetry Jam a few weeks ago. That was sad.

Jay-Z:Rumor has it that he is coming back as S.Carter. And although rap music as a whole is on life support right now, I've always been a fan of Brooklyn's own Jigga. If the old Foxy comes back then things will be hot this summer. Kanye is stellar as always, looking forward to his sophomore effort. King James, well everything about this guy is self-explanatory.

???: I'd better not touch this one man. You have female visitors -lol

Cell Phone?:Can't make out what it is. At first I thought it was some new funky laptop but elongated in a horizontal way.

Tattoo: I love this image. The tattoo is hot by itself, but the blood trickling from the wound is so photo-realistic. The artist did his thing!

Fresh said...

Lauryn Hill: I'm feeling what Luke Cage said, I loved the old Lauryn. I don't know wtf happened to that girl.

Jay-Z: I'm not impressed with that magazine cover at all because there was so much buzz about it. Foxy looks like her "ill na na" needs a little washing in that. She just looks extra skanky. And Kanye looks likes Jigga gay lover if you look at it for a couple of extra seconds. And as long as Lebron doesn't try to rap, we're cool.

Random Woman: Drink and be merry!

D: Yeah okay.

Tattoo: Ouch.

muffin said...

lol @ fresh. ain't nothin merry about that! LMAO

that is a HAWT tattoo!!!!!

Amadeo said...

A) Lauryn Hill: didn't show for Afram this weekend...I think she's another example for a certain portion of our age group.

B) Jay Z: I will always have issues with dude. Knowing he's nice, but once you mention dumbing down for your audience that excludes me.


D)I remember those big car phones with the suitcase thing progress at a rate that makes me feel old.

E)Dope Ink...

~*Tola*~ said...

WTF @ C. I had to look at that pic twice to make sure I was seeing what I thought I saw.... Clown... lol

Classis Lauryn with the mushroom... CLASSIC!

coley said...

I miss the old Laryn Hill too! She was HOT for a minute!

WTF is up with #C??? And where in the hell did you find that picture? AND that's all I have to say about that for now. LOL!

I luv Jay Z, Kanye and Lebron! And yah the old Foxy was up on her game at that point too.... But now, ummm I'm over it!

like others, I was trying to figure out what the heck that computer/phone thing was...until I saw NOKIA... Makes you remenisce to when the shit looked like a cordless phone. LOL! Technology is incredible!

That tat is AMAZING!!!! Enough said!

Cymple said...

I'm so mad at the woman breastfeeding. She looks like she can't even afford to feed herself. What a demented world!

Bridging The Dock said...

I cannot blame your hiatus - you see I haven't changed my home page in a minute :( And yes, Tim Duncan is a very odd creature.

A) Hey, I never would have guessed that was Lauryn Hill. She kinda looks like a fallen member of Good Times.
B) One of these is not like the other... and I haven't quite decided if it's LeBron or Foxy?
C) Well, I guess that's one up on 'When Animals Attack', isn't it?
D) Would that be an Old School Nokia? It might as well be a Raid Trap.
E) A co-worker and I decided that the knife should be coming out on the other side of the arm.

WIP said...

@ Lauren: the stripes are all-American-wrong! And what's with the wig? You USED to be my loc-idol. Now I guess I'll be rep'in for the both of us... You sure you ain't been tippin' with Bobby Brown? You seriously seem to be on some 'Whitney' type tip?

Fran said...

LMBO @ lauren...she looks like oprah there.

WTH @ that third pic? K, that's just wrong...wackala!

Slow Metamorphosis said...


Lauryn *smh* I dunno what is up with that wig!!

Is that a monkey?

That tat is the HOTNESS!

Toya said...

that must be a old a** Lauryn hill pic....why is Lebron James int hat pic? and wtf?@that lady feeding the monkey!?! why is nokia changing the way they look..and that tatoo is creepy...

Dayrell said...

*Awwwww* and just when I thought I seen it all. That dog on the lady's breast gave me the creeps! ewww! And I agree with you about the tattoo, it's cool. L-boog, I'm worried about her?

Positively Cheryl said...

Um...all I have to say is please, PLEASE explain why a woman is nursing a monkey and where you found this image?

oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

Lauren Hill: i dont get attached to eclectic artists. sometimes they just pop and u just say "wtf was this nigga thinking?" i need a certain of comfortability.

XXL cover: cant say nothing wrong about jay-z... i see lebron and i wanna smack his dumb ass. why did he fire his agents and hire his boys? this aint "entourage" on hbo! the only two names on that cover that interest me in terms of hip hop are jay and kanye

indian lady: can i get next?

phone: motorola v710 or e815 are the only hot phones out right now to me

tattoo: that shit is hot

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