Friday, June 03, 2005

Preserve My Sexy...

And he doesn’t want to pay 21k in child support a month…

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs knows how to hustle...Many were shocked when the music impresario decided to help hawk ProActiv acne solutions, but what they didn’t know was that Combs got a cool $3 million for it...3 MILL...My issue is that this nigga ain't got bad acne...Now if they were willing to give Combs 3, then Alicia needs about 6...Look at that sh!t...

I mean come on Sean...We could of kept it Bad Boy...You have had some cases on the label...Like...


Now thats a $3 million bumpy face...And he needed the money...You could of even hook up one of those niggas from 112 or something...

But when your Diddy and you "runs the city", you can get paid for preserving your sexy...While we are on the subject, who told him to say that sh!t in the commercial? I mean WTF?

I know you probably can name a few more celebrities that can be on that ProActiv joint...Give them to me...I'll keep you posted


Luke Cage said...

That's ez dawg. Sam Cassell and Tyrone Hill have to be 2 of the most alien looking cats in the NBA. They can use that ProActive joint, if not for acne, then for everything else! Holla

Fresh said...

ROFLMAO! Craig Mack looks like Biggie in that pic. HANH! FLAVA ON YA FACE!

Nikki said...

Ugh, I can't stand that damn commercial with Puffy in it. And the look on Vanessa Williams' face is priceless when he says, "Preserve my sexiness." Vanessa has this look saying, "Nigga please."

Dayrell said...

Lmaoooo @ Craig "One Hit" Mack!!! good gosh!!! LOL!

muffin said...

LMAO @ fresh! man the pics you post are too funny! keep me posted!

SweetB... said...

......ProActiv rules!! Yall seen Dylon from "Making the band 2" Remember they came back for that second season and his face was cleared up. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was shocking, and Craig Mack got his face done right before it. That's right ladies and Gents, get the face right, I mean damn, they sell it at Walgreens for god's sake! *smile*

Suezette b.k.a. Mz.Black Geisha said... you know you wrong for dat..Craig will be back...with some reused flava in ya ear...I know you he

Bridging The Dock said...

Yikes - not the ONE HIT wonder?! But that song was tight though :)

Any who, I'm really hittin' you up because you've been slippin on the old skool joints, sir! Today I heard Troop's "I Will Always Love You" and a bus load of other stuff too -- Come on, take us back!

**RPM** said...

I really should not have read this while I was eating...

**RPM** makes gas face at Craig Mack',

kiesha said...

LOL! Would it kill Puff to speak proper english for tv commercial? sheesh.

Don Tate II said...

I don't know who he is, but that's some pretty nasty stuff. Eww, as my daughters would say.

Goldi said...

Two things you must do before you hit the (entertainment) industryclear up the skin and fix the grill. It is basically inexspensive ($3,000 or less unless your teeth are REAL baaad).

Toya said...

ProActiv works very well...i used it a few times and it worked, really cleared my skin up, but it cost too much...smh@puffy doing those ads tho...yea i seen Alicia skin in a's funy how they make folks look flawless when they're skin really isnt...

Beloved said...

LMAO!! I saw Sean "preserving his sexy" on the commercial for the first time a week ago and was cracking up! I forgot about all about Craig Mack being the better candidate! LMAO!!!

plotty said...

i haven't seen the commercial yet, but i have heard it on the radio. however, sounds like this "Preserve my sexy" is somethign I need to see.. lol

Me said...

This is so funny I can't stand it. I haven't even seen the commercial yet ... I will just die. LOL

Lene said...

That line killed me. "Preserve my sexy?" hahahahahha. Craig Mack does have a grimey face too...

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Moisterize my situation and PRESERVE MY SEXY..lets me do what i need to be doin..or sum garbage like that
BEST COMMERCIAL EVER! preserve my sexy..what ur sexy anyways!

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