Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jacking For Post...The Baby Scarface Edition

I had to grab this from my brother from another mother, TC...Over at one of my favorite spots to read up on the world of hip hop (The Smoking Section)...

Imagine your eight-year-old handing you a permission slip asking you to sign it so they can be a part of the spectacle which is Scarface: The School Play. The only “coke” they’re aware of is a fountain drink and shall they ever visit a Cabana Club prematurely, you can kiss college goodbye. That tuition money will be spent/earned by the stripper pole.

But let’s not let a lil’ thing like ethics prevent the youth from achieving Brian De Palma’s vision. Change the “fucks” to “fudge,” switch the nose candy out with popcorn, grab a couple Nerf guns and boom: Scarface before recess!

Now, since these aren’t mine or your children, this truly is a stroke of brilliance. Apparently due to a shortage of parents who wouldn’t allow their kids to watch the movie for reference, the fat kid had to double as Manolo and Ernie. Nevertheless, baby Al Pacino is going to be a menace to society in about fifteen years.

Thoughts? I have A LOT to say about this one...First word that come to mind, irresponsible...

But I want to hear from you guys...

...I'll keep you posted

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