Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Summer,

Your first day...Was very interesting, I must say. Between the surprises from associates, the passing of a great human being, actions of the close, the appointment of duties, a Spiritual reality check, the closing of a personal chapter, and the storm (flooding, tornado watch/warning, & extreme lighting), you have definitely showed your presence. And if every day is like Day 1, I'm in for a very wild Summer.

With every season comes change. And from the looks of things, you and the Maker have teamed up to do a little remodeling. I mean, if today wasn't a sign, I don't know what one looks like. And I trust you guys. You guys have done a great job in the past. I mean, the best portfolio in the business.

This Season I'm going to focus very hard on staying out of the way. I always find myself attempting to copilot, when I should be enjoying the unlimited beverage service & dinner of the first (comes with the package). And just wait for the Man running the show to come over the speaker with directions. I have to make sure that I stay quit though, because He doesn't yell. He speaks softly.

I know there are some things that will come to the light by the end of September. I mean, the first is the geographical change. There will also be a game plan put in place for the next 2-3. Speaking of "place", I believe some 80/20s will find there's. Some parts lost. Some parts gained. A lot mirror checking.

I'm coming into this wide open. Hopefully people will understand. If not, *shrug shoulders*...I'm out of the pleasing business. More than anything I'm through with spending energy on "projects" that are more draining, than charging.

I also want to spend more time looking forward to the memories of now, than later. Not saying that I'm going to get all reckless. But I am going to "live". I think Palm Springs set the tone. Nothing like a destination dinner to do it. Yes, you heard me right. Fly out, spend the day, dinner, red eye back...(I have a whole post coming soon that will be dedicated to Summer ideas. Or maybe not? Nah, I will share.)

Summer, I look forward to make the most of every minute. I look forward to be challenged mentally, physically, and spiritually. Hopefully I can keep up.


...I'll keep you posted

Nah...You keep me posted.

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