Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thought For The Day

A day without something learnt is a day wasted...

Very simple...

...I'll keep you posted


Toya said...

hey G! hope all is well! This is Toya from Chicago who's blog you use to read and i use to read yours all the time. anyways, take care! :-)

G. Cornelius said...

Yo! Toya! From the Chi! What you been up to?!?

mrjones said...

That's the blessing of waking up in the morning. I need to thank the Creator right now. Nice site...

honestcollege said...

Also a good one is...a day without laugher is a day wasted. Kinda like the phrase, live, laugh, love, learn.

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Toya said...

i dont remember when i posted my comment lol. i was just browsing through here again. i didnt realize that you might have responded, so i went to look for when i may have left a comment. i didn't realize it was obver a year ago. i barely blog anymore. i'm mainly on fb or twitter. @misstoyaj the blogging world done changed from 8-10 years ago lol. i hope all is well.