Thursday, June 03, 2004

Allow Myself To Introduce Myself

Who am I? I really can't put a particular definition on the life that is unfolding in front of my face. I was told as a child that the only thing that is perpetual is my skin color (unless you are the "King of Pop") I know who I am striving to be. But that's my MAKERS decision. The diversity of my life reminds me of my closet. Ranging from three button suites to my "classic" Huey P. tee...From my "smooth" Kenneth Cole lace ups to my brush suede Adidas. To ONE, I'm her friend, half, and soul mate. To some I'm a student of the game. To others I'm the great teacher. Some know me as a man about business. Others know me as just that brother from "9406". So who am I? I still really don't know. If I had to put definition on it, the word I would use is summation. More like multifaceted (I tried to sound deep for a minute). But at this moment, I am just another brother with alot on his mind...I'll keep you posted

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