Monday, June 07, 2004

Growing Up and Leaving Behind

Entering my frosh year of the world of consciousness called "higher education", I didn't know a soul on the U of M/Memphis State (for all you locals) campus...My bad...My cousin was my roommate. But the crazy thing about that is I never saw him and he transferred the 2nd semester. I was a very "shy" individual (can't you tell). My "shyness" attracted a couple of people for the position as an interim associate/friend. The reason I say interim associate/friend is because I didn't know them like that. They had to go on trial. I believe there are 2 things that you can't trust any and everybody with, your heart and your time. You have to be careful...Well back to the story. We remained interim associates/friends through the 1st semester. The 2nd semester we didn't get to hang out that much. We were on the same agenda but 2 different pathways. That semester, the "Phenom" was born into the world of greekdom. One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fourteen miles later I become apart of the greatest organization that was ever formed on God's green earth. It was a very "Dynamite" time...Anyway...They also became apart of a great organization of young women who want "to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence; to provide scholarships; to provide support to the underserved; educate and stimulate participation in the establishment of positive public policy; and to highlight issues and provide solutions for problems in their communities." Well that bond of greekdom brought all of us closer. It also brought more people into our circle. And you know when there is alot of people doing something, drama is just around the corner. You know, that old he say she say mess. Through the times we stayed close friends. But at a certain time in my life I hit a stage called "growing up". And I couldn't let that drama and immaturity remain in my life. So I had to "Let It Burn" as Usher says. A lot of them followed afterwards. Some never changed. That is what I learned Saturday. I went to a social gathering at one of the old frosh-greekdom associates/friends houses. The old crew was there. We started out having a great time, just sitting there remanencing on yesterday. Everybody seem like they were doing know, law, med, grad school, and good 9 to 5s. It really seemed like a lot of them were getting their "grown man and woman" on. But the more drinks they took in, as the night past, the more of the truth start leaking out. Some of them still haven't gotten the big picture yet. There is more things in life than drama. Then the he say she say stuff started popping up again. And that is when I had to make my exit. I had better things to do with my time. I learned something valuable about friendships that night. Sometimes you have to let it go, to save the good memories you have. I love all of them to deaths. I wouldn't trade them for the world. I just can't.....I'll keep you posted

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