Friday, June 11, 2004

Luv Jones

Have we come effectuated with trying to Keep Up With The Jones. We have driven ourselves to a "I got to have it" mentality. We will go to any means to get something to say I was the 1st. But if you think about it, somebody had to have it before you did. Before consumer items make the market, it goes through trial with members of the corporate team, other big whigs, etc...About time it makes it to our communities, it's been out for months and sometimes even years...But Corporate America does a great job of brain washing us to believe that this is the newest line of technology circulating through the globe as we speak (did I sound corporate enough)...It doesn't help the situation that stars/entertainers put it in there videos, magazines, and etc. After seeing it in the Jay-Z video, we have to go out and grab us one (so I can be the 1st on the "block" with it). Then we parade around like that gives us status. If that's what you think status is all about, you need to have a self evaluation. Kanye West put it the best when he said, "the people highest up got the lowest self esteem"... We have driven our self to an all time consumer low to compete for a piece of status that doesn't exist. Wow! I just had an out of body experience...I'm starting to sound like my father (the master mind of conspiracy theories). That means it is time for me to go...Tune in next week when I attempt to "stay on subject"...I'll keep you posted

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