Monday, June 14, 2004

I See Double

On Sunday I got a chance to see my twin niece and nephew. They are 2 going on 22 (especially my niece). They're walking (excuse me...running), talking, telling you when you are in the wrong, the whole 9 yards. They are a handful. Taking care of them makes going to school full-time, holding down 2 part-time jobs, and having a social life look like a breeze. I tip my hat off to the multiple-child -birth parents of the world. The funny part of the entire time they were running around my apartment (like it was a basketball court) was seeing the look that THE ONE was wearing. She had that "make sure I don't get to close because I don't want to catch the Harris/Edwards twin baby jinx" look on her face...To fill you in, my family has a very long line of twin births and they don't skip generations. Honestly, I would love to have twins. I can see it now...2 little one's running around the house, and they look just like THE ONE and me (That's just what the world needs, don't you think?). Maybe I just want twins because I'm a twin...I don't know...We will find out one day. Well, I got to get out of here. I have to start looking up names for sets of twins (just in case)...I'll keep you posted

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