Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Another What? Moment

I almost forgot to tell you about my What? Moment I had at Saturday's event...I was in the plaza talking to my fraternity brother that was getting married father (thats a mouthful) right before the wedding...Anyway, he's a pastor of a church right....Well we were just sitting their rapping about life in general, when this young lady walked by...Why did he just start flirting with her? That had my jaw to the ground...He was not setting a good example at all for the congragation unless they were striving to be a future poolpit playah...So finally after he stoppped flirting and we went back to talking about whatever...He starting asking me about school and the future...We were just having a good ole convo...And then his phone started ringing...Okay, why did he have the song "Damn" by the Youngbloodz as his ringtone? I was speechless...I didn't know to laugh or to pray...I had to gone and walk away because that was too much for the kid...That is what you call too crunk...I'll keep you posted

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MiniMee said...

Man. Part of me is cracking up, but then there is a part that is trippin off what I just read.

It's kinda scary when the minister forgets he has an example to set. I know that pastors aren't perfect, but man, come on. How you gonna have Youngbloodz on your phone, and the title of the song is a cuss word? Then brush up on your pimpin while holding a conversation? Whoa indeed.