Tuesday, July 20, 2004

"Bumpy Johnson's" Mid-Summer Who's Who Blog Awards

Welcome to the "Bumpy Johnson's" Mid-Summer Who's Who Blog Awards (Brought to you by botanical, CK's, Smokey Bones BBQ, Hennessey, Newports, St. Jude Hospital, Performa, YMCA, Now-or-Later Candy, Dave & Buster's, Hypnotic, Grand Casino in Tunica, and Don Don's Hot Wings)


Most likely to chock someone on their lunch break...Misty

Most likely to get some for the rest of the month...Henry (what do you expect...he's a newly wed)

Most likely to have somebody test her in the next couples of days...Ruby

Most likely to post over 5 times in a day...Kalisah

Most likely to buck the system...Panama

Most cuss words in one paragraph...O.J.

Most likely to get into it with the African (Senegalese) brother at work...The Black New Yorker

Most likely to run into or receive a call from on of those stalkalistic playahs by the end of the day...Stephanie (hell, I might as well give Misty one too cause its gonna happen)

Most likely to get in trouble for surfing the internet at the place of employment...Dave

Most likely to go on tour as a Prince backup singer...Rick

And they are also still tabulating the scores for the Smokey Bones BBQ Posts of Fame (Sponsored by who you think...Smokey Bones BBQ)

If you are not on their this time we have the rest of the summer to add you to the wall of greatness...

I'll keep you posted


Stephanie said...

I'm going to let Misty accept our dual "Bumpy Johnson" award since she has succombed to the most recent stalkalistic behavior. The only people I want to thank are the original Neighborhood Queens for passing on that "dangerous" gene. LOL...

MiniMee said...

*Does the Miss America Wave**sniff* Thank you so very much G.C., Bumpy Johnson & Co. and the Imperial Kingdom Court, I love you all. I would like to thank the Lord, my loyal subjects and henchmen across the CPT and beyond. I also wanna thank my momma, my ex-boyfriends because without they janky behavior none of this would be possible. I also wanna thank Big-5 Sporting Goods and Junior for that expensive picnic chair that I sit in at lunch. Thanks to Steph for trying to bow out of getting the Stalkalistic Playa Occurance Award, but girl you know you got to get one too! Pop ya colla w/ 'cha stalkers! Don't be shamed! Thank you all!

*Exits blowing kisses to the public*

TheBlackNewYorker said...

I feel so honored to accept my Award for "Most likely to get into it with the African (Senegalese) brother at work".
*Ms. America wave to the crowd*
*cheesy smile*
*blows kissess*
Thank-you, one and all.

Mata Hari said...

In the mere moments since reading this post, I have already been tried....

Answer me this one...Why would a guy who bought me a drink at the club....called me for a late night hook up...that I declined....call me again the next night only to have me on the phone listening while he laughed with his friends in the background? Wouldnt you think he would be more "actively" pursuiting his investment....I mean...Cosmopolitians with Kettle One arent cheap you know....

I guess I just have that aura about me..."Hello World...You want a quick mindset check....holla at ya girl"...

I might just swear off light skinned, good haired, nice bodied, perfect smile, good job, no kids type black men for a while....

G. Cornelius Harris said...

Don't give up the fight Ruby...I'll keep you posted