Monday, July 19, 2004

eBay...the World's Biggest Swap Meet

I love eBay to death. That is were I get lined up with the luxuries of life for the "low low"...You can find anything and I mean anything on their...But some items just don't belong on the cyber auction block...For instance;

I'm sorry...This is my last picture post for the month...I know a lot of you all are looking at my page like why in the hell are you showing me this dengy ass tube. But this is the bathtub where James Earl Ray stood to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. at the The Lorraine Motel in 1968...Why is this up for auction on the "Bay"? The starting price is $150,000 and you can buy it right now for $250,000. D'Army Bailey, a Memphis judge and owner of the tub said "that there are lots of folks out there who are fascinated by that kind of artifact". I understand that much, but eBay is not the place to handle that. Have a little class. Anyway, Bailey said he plans to give the National Civil Rights Museum part of any money he gets from selling the tub. Which I think is pretty cool.He is actually one of the biggest donators of the museum. He said he got the tub in 1983 from an artist who was renovating the former rooming house for a residence and studio.

I also found out that this is not the only possession of Ray Ray's thats been out for sale. Being the history buff that I am I had to dig a little bit deeper. I found out that Ray's getaway car, a 1967 Mustang, was sold at auction for $27,000 in 1987. Ray's brother Jerry Ray (man they had some jacked up names) fought for years to get possession of the rifle identified as the murder weapon, saying he planned to sell it for up to $100,000. The courts ruled against him, and the rifle is on display at the museum...All I have to say...Only in Memphis...I'll keep you posted

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