Saturday, January 08, 2005

I'm Playing With My Blog

Hey I'm just playing with my blog...My real page is gonna be up soon...I'll keep you posted


TheDamnDiva said...

I'm digging the room in the background. I'd kick it.
Keep me posted.

ReginaJoi said...

G. Ceezy....Come back into my life!

NapKaboom said...

Nice room...but the outlets look a tad overloaded...

Apocalypse said...

"Soul Train done lost dey soul
just call it train cause the B#$@!$ look like hoes!
I see alotta others, daym
it almost look like the band stand!" -

"but I dont party and shake my but
I leave that to the brothers with the funny hair cust
and itll drive ya nuts
still ya beat and give it that gangsta touch"

from that to ..."we be clubbin"...daym Oshae!

that ricky shroder lookin highschool picture is too funny.

Love the back ground on your page...tight!!! Love the new layout!

JLuv said...

I like the new style frat.

Mark said...

Like the new look. All the nicer for keepin' me posted. :)

Toya said...
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Toya said...

i tried to comment last week, but either your blog, or was messing up when i was trying to post. but i like the background and set up. it looks nice.