Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm An Official Stan...

Of Reginald Baylor...He was born November 1966 in Milwaukee, WI. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (1984-88) majoring in fine art and art education with an emphasis in sculpture. After college, Reginald relocated to Southern California where he was married to his wife, Jill (1991) and worked for the Laguna Beach Art Museum and Newport Beach Art Museum (1991-93)...In 1995, Reginald and his wife and two sons moved to Chicago, IL. There he began a career as and owner operator for Mason Dixon Trucking while continuing to produce original artwork....He returned to the Milwaukee area with his family in 1998 and is currently working from his studio at his home in Wauwatosa.

Few painters can walk inside an elegant city landmark, set up their canvases and consider themselves honored guests...But when the Pfister Hotel...Time out...Let me explain to you all a little something about the Pfister. Four Diamond Award Winner...Member of the Historic Hotels of America...And home of one of the Best Bars in America (Blu)...*sigh* I love that place. Okay...Back to the story...When the Pfister Hotel launched an artist-in-residence program this past spring, they had no choice but to ask the local legend about the idea of setting up a working studio on the first floor of the historic hotel. And of course he accepted.

I've admired his work from afar for quite some time...And then the stars aligned...And I met him at a showcase event. The few times I read about him, he seems like an extremely humble and down to earth individual...Which is a rarity in the creative arts. We traded contact and hopefully we can do business in the future...I have a few projects for him.

Well I know I've done a lot of talking, and you all would probably rather see some of his work...

Here you go...

"The Night is Nearly Over" (2009)

"The Quintessential 1950's Family Set the Stage" (2007)

“Elton and Helen” (2007)

"They Won the Land" (2008)

Artist Statement

Am I inspired by an early morning drive on the way to church in the station wagon with my wife of 18 years and my two sons, that, before Louis finishes serenading Ella, we’ve navigated in, through, and out of abandonment with sophisticated realms of everywhere else?

Am I a racist because I choose to segregate my colors with clear and divisible lines so that there will be no confusion about one’s place and purpose?

Maybe I should feel embarrassed that even while the sun shines through our dining room window, casting questionable shadows from a chair on the adjacent wall, that I sometimes feel more refreshed to stare at the hypnotic light coming from behind our computer, cell phone or television screen.

Should I be concerned that I’m motivated by the visual strength given from the standing forests of “man made” that seem to always overwhelm the abundance of what truly is possible and impossible?

Because of this and that, I see nouns and I work.

Go check out his site...And on that note...

...I'll keep you posted

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FloydWarrior said...

I 100% agree with you. It was an honor to work with him for the showcase.