Sunday, December 05, 2010

Its Here...The List

You knew it was coming, right?

My Christmas 2010 List...I know! You are so excited. I am too!

Its very simple...Very simple. I'm a simple man...So I'm gong realease a simple list.

Uniform Wares 200 Series Calendar Wristwatch

Designed as a continuation of the 100 Series this unisex timepiece references the classic engineering of machine gauges and industrial equipment used in the leather working process...This timepiece features an aircraft grade stainless steel case in either a PVD coated, fine satin brushed or polished finish, Italian calf leather strap and Swiss made ETA calendar. You can find this beautiful piece at Uniform Wares for $285.

L.L. Bean Saltwash Canvas Backpack

I've been wanting one of these for years...Sturdy and soft 26 oz. saltwashed cotton canvas with three generous exterior pockets and one interior zippered pocket. Plaid lining. Measures 18"H x 12 ¼”W x 6”D. Imported. Enough said. Located on the L.L. Bean for $145.

Decoded by Jay-Z

Decoded is first and foremost, a book of rhymes, which is ironic because I don't actually write my rhymes--they come to me in my head and I record them. The book is packed with the stories from my life that are the foundation of my lyrics--stories about coming up in the streets of Brooklyn in the 80's and 90's, stories about becoming an artist and entrepreneur and discovering worlds that I never dreamed existed when I was a kid. But it always comes back to the rhymes. There's poetry in hip-hop lyrics--not just mine, but in the work of all the great hip-hop artists, from KRS-One and Rakim to Biggie and Pac to a hundred emcees on a hundred corners all over the world that you've never heard of. The magic of rap is in the way it can take the most specific experience, from individual lives in unlikely places, and turn them into art that can be embraced by the whole world. Decoded is a book about one of those specific lives--mine--and will show you how the things I've experienced and observed have made their way into the art I've created. It's also about how my work is sometimes not about my life at all, but about pushing the boundaries of what I can express through the poetry of rap--trying to use words to find fresh angles into emotions that we all share, which is the hidden mission in even the hardest hip-hop. Decoded is a book about some of my favorite songs--songs that I unpack and explain and surround with narratives about what inspired them--but behind the rhymes is the truest story of my life.

A Social/Behavioral Studies Dream! Book can be ordered off of Amazon for $18.88.

Chamber Music Society by Esperenza Spaulding

If “esperanza” is the Spanish word for hope, then bassist, vocalist and composer Esperanza Spalding could not have been given a more fitting name at birth. Blessed with uncanny instrumental chops, a multi-lingual voice that is part angel and part siren, and a natural beauty that borders on the hypnotic, the prodigy-turned-pro might well be the hope for the future of jazz and instrumental music...The wife and mother of my children in another lifetime...Please support "our" another lifetime family by purchasing this cd for me. Amazon for $13.97.

Hercules Razor-German Made
I love the feel of a straight razor shave...Old school, sharpened with the strop. But being the lazy person I am...I hate sharpening one. I'm always on the go and don't have time to check...So I always keep a straight razor and blade holder in the kit. Well, my holder has seen better days...Its had a great run. Its time for a replacement. I've been looking for a Herc the last few months. This is the only spot (Best Clippers) I have seen one that were actualy in stock. $55

Gary Clark Jr. by Gary Clark Jr.

Ladies and gents...Introducing Gary Clark, Jr...26 years old, Austin, TX native..."The Future of Blues" is what they call him. Offering a style that has at times been compared to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. As a musical prodigy, Clark has established a well renowned resume, which has placed him in a tier of musicians that have enabled him to share the stage with various legends of rock and roll (B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Steve Winwood, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Jeff Beck, and ZZ Top just to name a few). That boy good! CDBaby for $9.99.

Esquire The Rules: A Man's Guide to Life [Esquire Books (Hearst)]

Derived from Esquire’s popular feature, this wildly entertaining, bestselling men’s manual to life in the 21st century is revised, expanded, and with color added! It now offers 668 rules in all (91 of them new to this edition), providing even more lighthearted reading, manly musings, and, occasionally, good advice. Accompanied by full-color illustrations throughout, these rules are guaranteed to set a guy straight. Here is what guys need to live by:

Rule number 2: When someone says he is “pumped” about something, it usually means he’s about to do something stupid.

Rule number 36: No matter how hard you practice, you cannot say the phrase, “Yeah, right” without sounding sarcastic.

Rule number 45: For the last time, no goddamn Speedos.

Rule number 108: The road to hell is not paved with good intentions. The road to hell is paved with smooth-jazz CDs, herbal teas, John Tesh specials, and low-fat cheese.

Rule number 154: Properly made, leftover chili gets better and better every day until the fourth day, at which point it begins its slow decline.

Rule number 59: The study of inert gases is best left to professionals.

Rule number 38: When it comes to luggage, men don’t pull.

And I do accept cards with checks, credit cards,

Esquire produces some of the BEST coffee table books! Amazon for $9.95.

Chicago Bears Monsters of the Midway Tee

Come on...Now do I really have to explain ths one? I'm an old soul who loves to support C. Harris and "Da Bears". Pro Shop for $35.

I also take cash, check, all major credit cards, gift cards and certificates, ebt, wic...I accommodate.

Well, I think I gave you guys enough to get some ideas to get started...Ha

But on the real...My biggest #1 wish on my list is for you all to have a safe and blessed Christmas Season...And for my followers who don't celebrate "The Reason for the Season", I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family.

Until next time...

...I'll keep you posted

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