Tuesday, August 01, 2006

On Aug. 1, 1945...

A baby boy named Charlie B was born on a farm in Fordyce, AR...And everyday I thank God for creating him...Because there would be no me without him...I can truly say that my first 2 decades on this earth were filled with questions and warring with my father...We were at each others throats all the time...It took me being away from him for a couple of years for me to understand what I had...And who I was...More like how blessed I was...I have the closest thing you can ever get to profection as a father and a model of a real MAN...I get alot of fowards from friends on the whole "what type of man are you" tip...And it so happen I got one today...And when I got to #12, my face lit up like a bottle rocket:

a. He loves God and takes his relationship with God seriously
b. He is intellectual, brilliant, and capable of taking you there mentally and emotionally
c. He will love you even when you are not lovable
d. He has a career and not a job!
e. He acknowledges his faults and strives to be a better man
f. He understands a relationship is built on a 200% quota - 100% him and 100% you
g. He doesn`t have a bunch of kids and babies mommas - he`s smarter than that
h. He is a true best friend and everything you ever wanted in a man
i. He was cute when you met him. But, after spending sometime you see he`s fine as hell!
j. He can dress - knows the difference b/t formal, semi-formal, professional, business casual, casual, and since we are just chilling let me throw on some sweats and a fitted hat.
h. He loves his mother and respects women

Smiling, because that is how my mother feels about my dad...It was just a blessing to see that 365...See my father be that GUY...He's the guy that all my homeboys want to be like and all my lady friends want to marry...I kid you not...I still have exes calling me asking about my father...My mom get's a kick out of it...LOL

The guy is amazing! A modern day Job...My father has been through the fire...Never seen the man complain about too much of nothing! Sometimes I wonder if a doctor told me that I was legally blind and losing my hearing, what would be my response? What would my relationship with God be like? Well this happened to him about 8 years ago...Has it slowed him down any? NO! This only motivated him to be a better MAN, which I think is impossible...But he always finds something to improve on...

I only hope and pray that I can be half the man he is...And let me finish up before I get emotional...All I want to say is that Pops I love you...I'm thankful for you...And hopefully one day I can be as cool as you...Happy 19th/61st...I'll keep you posted


Nikki said...

Happy Belated Born Day to your Pops!

Luke Cage said...

Here Here G. And a happy anniversary to your dad man. Very nicely done.

Jonzee said...

Such a great post! Happy belated to your Pop! Clearly a man with a vision, a God-given purpose, and a plan to implement!

Ironically, I was born the day before which also happened to be my parents 30th this year. We always have double the reason to celebrate!

Toya said...

awwww...how sweet!

Dayrell said...

Yay for the black daddies of the world! *smile*