Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The List 2.0

Well 13 days earlier...I dropped you guys with The List...Apart of me felt bad...I feel like I cheated you guys...Soooooooooooo...

Okay...Everybody that knows me, knows that I grew up watching Nolan Richardson's "40 Minutes of Hell". There will never be another program that entertained like the Arkansas Razorbacks of the 90s...The closest I've seen was the Memphis Tigers of the 2000s (but I'm bias). Back to the Backs...94...*sigh* was the year. Til this day I can still name every player on that roster...From Corey Beck to Davor Rimac...But my all time favorite was a silky smooth shooting guard from Ruston, LA named Scotty Thurman....I was such a big fan of his, I altered my shot to look like his when I was a child. And I can still remember what I was doing, wearing, and where I was sitting in the living room on April 4, 1994...When Scotty sunk the shot, that sunk the Blue Devils...This t-shirt brings back sooooooooo many memories...Its a must. $38.00 + shipping & handling Distant Replays.

If you are like me and have trouble dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, then you may want to check out the IDEA Bell Alarm Clock...Designer, Sam Hecht, built this clock to be a combination of a modern clock, with an old fashioned bell that is designed to wake you up, I suspect it will be pretty loud....Oh yeah...Any color...$65 + shipping & handing Charles & Marie.

You hear that? Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is a 9-piece, Chicago-based brass group featuring 8 sons of Phil Cohran on horns...Night now they are located in NYC getting it done...Lately they have worked with Mos Def, Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Aquilla Sadalla...You name it. Well what I need in my life is there newest piece of work, their self titled EP...On vinyl. (what?!?) $19.99 + shipping & handing The Jazz Loft. (And Just In Case You Needed A Little More)

Okay...Back to the list...

One collection...Five personalities. Dolce & Gabanna unisex fragrance line...And I never been a fan of these type of lines before, but I can get down with the D&G '1 Le Bateleur' Gift Set...I really would like a 3.3 bottle of the 1 & 6 (when you put them together (the 6 is a really woody smell), you might have to hire body guards fellas...But that's too much to put on anybody...But the gift set come with a 3.3 of the 1 and 0.05's of the rest...Which the first lady would get some use out of them...So its a win, win all around. $69.99 + shipping & handing NORDSTROM.

So you guys got it? See...I'm not that difficult... *shrug shoulders*

With all that being said...All of those items will be icing on the cake...I'm extremely excited getting to spend some "qt" with my Earth Angel and the fam...And that is all you need to know about that...

...I'll keep you posted

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